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  1. He who tries little of everything accomplishes much of nothing.
  2. If you buy something which you can’t pay for, you will sell what you willingly wouldn’t.
  3. If you don’t give people what you have, certainly you wouldn’t give them the things you wish you had.
  4. If you give away what you have, you will not yearn for what you see.
  5. If you have no money then you are not worth listening to.
  6. If you think that you must grow corn, then it would better be on good terms with monkeys.
  7. A child who goes to school but learns nothing is like an anchor that is always in the sea yet doesn’t learn to swim.
  8. A man cannot feel the worth of a woman who doesn't know how to respect herself.
  9. An ambitious person is one with a mental condition which compels him to work himself to death in order to live.
  10. Don’t bury the past if you have intentions of visiting the grave on its anniversary.
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It is believed that Barrel Racing first became competitive in Texas when a group of women looking to become competitive involved in the male dominated sport of rodeo. Today barrel racing is sport enjoyed by men, women, and even kids. It is typically a timed event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a clover-leaf pattern around barrels as quickly as possible. Professional barrel racers must maneuver at high speeds and maintain precise control in order to win.

A variation of barrel racing (with traces to Nez Perce Tribe of Native American people) in which two racers compete at the same time is The Camas Prairie Stump Race. Competitors race against each other on identical circuits opposite the start-finish line. The first horse and rider back across the line win the race. It is not a timed event.
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Being a good leader is an integral part of being a cheerleader or dancer. They lead the crowd, encouraging people to cheer on the team. You have the opportunity to help others grow and gain the necessary skills to be successful. When you put on that uniform, you are representing your team, school, and community - that's being a leader! Cheerleaders and dancers are all part of a group that must think and act as one. Each member learns to think about the team first and base their decisions on what is best for everyone and there will be times when each must compromise. Don't forget about time for fundraising, pep rallies, competitions and performances. Cheer is very time consuming as well as both mentally and physically demanding. We hope you enjoy these quotes that reflect each of these aspects of cheerleader life!
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The importance of working as part of team is often understated, but it can't be overstated how important of a skill it is. A team that works well together is able to hide it's weaknesses by everyone covering for another another, and it's able to enhance it's strengths through everyone doing their own small part. A good team that has strong leadership will perform better than each individual could on their own. That's what this section is all about.
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We've all experienced it. We hear an idea expressed and at first it sounds crazy, but then it starts to sink in and we realize that it really is crazy, but it's also typically very funny or ironic. That's what the quotes in this category are supposed to be - funny if you think about it.
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Winning is something everyone wants to do. But even what winning actually means is a topic that is often pondered. Being willing to do what it takes to win is a trait that coaches and leaders often spend all their waking hours trying to bring out of those who they lead. Winning doesn't come easy, but all of these quotes from the greatest to ever play, lead, and succeed will make it apparent what it takes and how to get there.